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a poem from isaiah 5 & 27

30 March 2013
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a vine bearing fruit (in alto pass, IL)

a vine bearing fruit (in alto pass, IL)

God has chosen me, one small vine,
and placed me in his vineyard.
cleared of stones, a hill so fine,
he plants me & watches.
his desire is that i put down roots,
deep into the soil,
to fill the world with choicest fruits –
he looks for justice.

alas! i can’t, i won’t comply;
i give him wild grapes.
instead of justice, an outcry!
he’s so disappointed.
he leaves me trampled, leaves me dry –
(i’m now a wasteland)
until for mercy at last i cry.
he hears me.

God starts over with a new vine
and i am now a branch.
at last there will be excellent wine
from the best grapes.
i send my roots down deep below;
i abide in the true vine.
together do we grow & grow
bearing fruit that lasts.

one thing from isaiah 27 that i really like that i didn’t manage to include in the poem is from verses 4-5: “i have no wrath [against the vineyard]. would that i had thorns & briers to battle! i would march against them, i would burn them together. or let them lay hold of my protection, let them make peace with me, let them make peace with me.” here God says he no longer has wrath towards his people, but only for their enemies (those who are seeking to destroy his vineyard) – but even his enemies always have the option to make peace with him & come under his protection. let’s never think God is unjust or playing favorites – he always wants everyone to make peace with him!

i think this is my last isaiah poem for a while, since i left my commentary at home (we’re away from home this month) & my photocopy ends with chapter 27. i plan to read romans for a while, borrowing john stott’s commentary (which i love!) from a friend here.

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