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a poem from isaiah 14

20 March 2013
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to babylon: how the oppressor has ceased!

the LORD will have compassion on jacob
& will again choose israel.
when the LORD has given them rest
from pain, turmoil, and hard service,
they will take up this taunt against babylon:

“how the oppressor has ceased!”
the whole earth feels unspeakable relief;
they break forth into singing.
“how you are fallen from heaven!”
you are cut down to the ground,
you who laid the nations low.

you said in your heart,
i will ascend to heaven,
building my tower and my throne
above the stars of God, i will ascend,
to make a name for myself,
to make myself like the Most High.
but you are brought down, low, lower still
to the far reaches of the pit of death.
the ugliness and brevity of your fatal ambition
are plain for all to ponder.
the LORD of hosts will sweep babylon
with the broom of destruction.


to assyria: as God has purposed, so shall it stand

the Almighty God has promised:
‘it shall be as i intend, and
as i have purposed, so shall it stand.’
this is the hand that is stretched out
over all the nations.
God, the LORD of hosts – his plan, his hand:
who can stand against him?


to philistia: your strength is in trust

rejoice not –
there is worse to come,
and you are doomed.
true welfare is only in the LORD,
who has founded zion.
your strength is in trust,
not intrigue.


*credit to ESV and New Bible Commentary (IVP) for wording

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