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funky fresh kitchen challenge #1

4 September 2012
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yesterday i opened up in order to double-check the tomato soup recipe i was planning to make, and i discovered that september is the “month of the funky fresh kitchen” – a month of challenges, giveaways, and posts to help us all get a fresh start in the kitchen, with the goals of health & functionality. the first challenge was: “toss it out – make a switch!” the idea is to get rid of something that’s been lurking in the kitchen that is not good for you and replace it with a healthier option. the listed ideas include:

– replace sugary cereal with homemade granola
– replace bottled salad dressing with homemade dressing
– replace plastics with glass
– replace white rice with brown rice
– replace chemical cleaners with non-toxic cleaners
– replace boxed mixes with homemade treats
– replace chips with fruit
– replace sugary beverages with water

after taking a moment to reflect, i was so grateful to realize that over the last few weeks i’ve already taken the step to toss out several non-healthy items and replaced them with better options, including:

+ replace msg-laced soy sauce with traditionally fermented soy sauce
+ replace white sugar with palm sugar, honey, and the local equivalent of rapadura
+ replace semolina (processed white flour) pasta with brown rice pasta
+ replace pure white rice with a mixture of red (whole grain) rice and white rice
+ replace refined (heat-treated, bleached, deodorized) palm oil with homemade coconut oil

because of their absence, boxed mixes, sugary cereals, and bottled dressings don’t pose a threat here on this island (though i’d be lying if i said i wouldn’t be tempted if they were around). we very rarely have soda or pre-packaged snacks in the house – they’re more of a weak spot when we’re out and about…

my new challenge: when we moved here i made homemade cleaning products (recipes from “green up your cleanup“) with the exception of floor cleaner. i felt that making my own was going to be too much work and my ingredients were too expensive to have them all used up so quickly (remember: my entire house has to be mopped). but now, with this challenge, i’m going to look into making a homemade natural floor cleaner for mopping to replace my chemical-filled store-bought bottle.

the time frame for completing this challenge is september 7 – i only have three more days!

what about you? what will you toss & replace?

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  1. Heidi permalink
    4 September 2012 20:41

    I’m impressed with all this! A probably dumb question: do you really need a floor cleaner? I think all our lives in Peru we just mopped our floors with plain water. Of course, if you have a bug problem…

    • 6 September 2012 10:38

      hmm, i suppose you’re right! it’s mainly to shine them up again and to remove a few sticky spots. i think water and a microfiber cloth (we have norwex cloths) would work fine for ordinary days. i think i’m just a sucker for the nice smell of floor cleaner! but i could add a few drops of essential oil to some water. what i’ve been seeing online is water & vinegar (they say the vinegar smell goes away!) so i’m thinking i’ll just try that. unfortunately i can only buy vinegar in tiny 1/2 cup plastic bottles…

  2. Allie permalink
    5 September 2012 09:10

    You need a norwex mop! I got one free for hosting (couldn’t have afforded it otherwise…) I looooooooove it!

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