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the grilled cheese remake

3 September 2012
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this week’s menu plan (also posted at modern alternative kitchen) begins with a simple meal – grilled cheese and tomato soup. a match made in heaven. today, though, i discovered the effort involved in the “real” version of this classic, as i worked harder than ever  to serve and enjoy it. growing up, grilled cheese & tomato soup was a standard “quick and easy” meal to throw together on a busy day. as i thought about it today, though, i realized that it’s probably one of the most processed meals i ever ate:

– canned tomato soup
– white bread
– margarine
– american cheese


today’s version could have been simpler if i had made the ingredients ahead of time, but since i’m a procrastinator (without much freezer space), the process was one that took all morning (but not a lot of active cooking time). step one: make bread (unfortunately still ‘white’ because i ran out of wheat flour, but atleast all the other ingredients were healthy). step two: chop up tomatoes, onions, and basil and make tomato soup. step three: slice mozzarella cheese & butter the bread (note:  butter) & fry it up!

even though it took considerably more time and effort, the end result was not only much more nutritious than what i remembered, but about 100 times more delicious too! as a kid, i would only serve myself about two tablespoons of tomato soup – just enough for dipping my sandwich – but this time i helped myself to a second bowl!

menu plan september 3 – 8 (we’re headed out of town on the 9th so i didn’t include sunday)

breakfast all week: homemade granola

monday –
lunch: grilled cheese and tomato soup
dinner: moroccan chicken, veggies, mashed sweet potatoes

tuesday –
lunch: (eating out on our way to another village to visit friends)
dinner: chicken noodle soup & grilled pbj

wednesday –
lunch: tempe chili & cornbread
dinner: aji de gallina

thursday –
lunch: leftovers
dinner: beef stew

friday –
lunch: sweet potato burgers & carrots
dinner: pollo saltado with french fries

saturday –
lunch: potato soup & crackers
dinner: tuna & veggie pasta


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  1. jenny messier permalink
    4 September 2012 09:20

    i think i need to try making the your tomato soup recipe. it sounds pretty easy minus the cook for 3 hrs part. i had to google a couple of your menu items. feeling a bit boring with my american cuisine. you are so much more creative!

    • 4 September 2012 17:01

      i definitely didn’t cook it for three hours! maybe 45 minutes if that. once blended it was pretty thick (like a runny tomato sauce) so i put it back on the stove and added water till it was soupy (you could also use chicken or veggie stock for bonus nutrients). maybe cooking for 3 hours would make it more watery? dan had the idea to add fresh basil, which i highly recommend.

  2. 16 September 2012 22:15

    Thanks so much for linking your meal plan up ay Modern Alternative Kitchen! Please join us tomorrow, Monday, Sept 17 for our biggest link-up yet! Thanks so much!

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