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one good turn deserves another

2 August 2012
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over the last several months, i’ve been researching “real food” diets (using traditional foods in their most whole, natural forms) & making steps toward changing how and what i cook. it’s been a fun, exciting journey that i’ve really enjoyed.

but somewhere along the way, i realized that if i’m so concerned with the food i’m putting into my body, i ought to also be concerned with other areas of my overall health! so, i made some fitness goals & came up with a plan. my goal is to work out for 20 minutes a day, atleast 4 times per week. the plan is to use jillian michaels yoga meltdown & kickbox fastfix videos to accomplish the goal.

so, my real food goals helped me to set & begin accomplishing my fitness goals.

the last few days, my husband and i have been travelling to cities more developed than our small town (in southeast asia). my usual stance is: “i’m on vacation! no responsibility or discipline required!” we love to take advantage of the existence of starbucks, burger king, pizza hut, and coldstone creamery, simply because they’re such a novelty. but this time around, i packed my yoga mat and my yoga meltdown dvd, and believe it or not, i’ve now worked out three out of four days since we’ve been travelling!

my yoga mat conveniently fit in my hotel room!

the thing is, when i’ve been diligent to work out, why would i want to eat a burger & fries for dinner? why would i want to drink diet coke? why would i mindlessly eat another ice cream sundae? the unhealthy, processed options simply don’t have as much appeal as they once did. 

so, my fitness goals are helping me to set and accomplish my real food goals. (note: i still ate junk food on this trip – i just also passed by several opportunities to consume more of it!)

what a happy little cycle i’ve discovered!


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  1. Heidi permalink
    2 August 2012 21:56

    Oh, do I ever admire you, Rachel. But to answer your “why would I ever eat…” – because it tastes so delicious, of course! But it’s true that when Dave and I do our longer walks on Saturdays, I prefer the walk uphill into the countryside than the longer roundabout one that ends up in town, since the latter will end with me having a chocolate mint ice cream cone at Iglu! Probably nullifies half the benefit of the hike.

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