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“jesus is all i need”

17 July 2012
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i’m one of those people who rarely listens to music – the kind who gets in the car and drives to their destination and never realizes that the radio wasn’t on. but last saturday morning while i was cleaning i decided to give the ol’ itunes a go. i turned on some worship music that’s still pretty new to me, and here are the words i heard:

“You are my everything
all i need is in you
and all i have, all i am, is in You.”

these lyrics share a common theme with many worship songs: “jesus is all i need.” at the risk of sounding unspiritual, i want to share why i do not sing along with these words. for my husband and i, the belief that “jesus is the only one i need” has caused pain and disillusionment on our journey with jesus, and i’d like to share our story with you in hopes that you might be both encouraged and warned.

dan and i met in april of 2008 and began dating in november of 2009. in july of 2010 dan proposed and we agreed that we were in it for keeps. in february of 2011, however, our dreams were shattered when dan felt that God was asking him to end our engagement. the details of how he came to this conclusion are complicated, and i don’t feel the need to share them here — suffice it to say that we broke off our engagement, but with the help of our supervisors here we continued counseling together. we longed to be together, but we clearly had some things to work through. i’m so thankful for the wisdom that our counselors provided: “jesus is not all you need.”

it quickly became clear that after years of going to church and turning on the radio to hear messages like “jesus is all i want or need; jesus is enough; all i need is jesus” this became our standard of spirituality. deep down we thought, people who are truly surrendered to jesus are fully content in him and don’t need anyone or anything else. thus, if i need or desire anyone or anything else, i am not spiritual enough. i’m so thankful for our wise friends who pointed out that this simply isn’t true.

in october of 2011 my sweet nephew was born – isn’t he adorable?! we love him so much!

my adorable nephew at 6 months – so stinkin’ cute!

as an infant, this precious child needed milk, clothing, shelter, and comfort. we would never dream of leaving him crying outside and telling him to pray for jesus to meet his needs! as believers, we recognize that parents are the God-ordained need-meeters of infants, yet we judge ourselves and each other for needing other people to meet our needs. by believing that “jesus meets all of our needs” we are essentially saying “i am not allowed to have needs if i am truly surrendered to christ.” trust me, this is no freedom. God created me NEEDY and he loves me and meets my needs through PEOPLE, praise him!

through counseling, dan and i worked through this and many other (past and potential) issues. we were blissfully married on august 6th, 2011. we praise God for his wise provision in our lives, giving us one another to help meet each other’s needs for companionship, love, comfort, and intimacy. there are many needs we have that the other can’t fulfill, and jesus is the only one who can truly SATISFY us, but we believe that just as God created us to need one another, so he provides others to help meet our needs. to me, being content in him means that i TRUST God to provide for all of my needs in whatever way he sees fit in his timing. most days, those needs are met in the most practical of ways by the most tangible of vessels rather than a vague, ethereal experience in my soul. and i have come to trust that this is pleasing to my heavenly father.

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  1. 18 July 2012 01:13

    I have never really thought of things this way – but in reading about your experience it makes so much sense! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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