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amphibian friends

7 May 2012
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a few months ago (at the height of rainy season) as i was bathing, i discovered i was not alone in the bathroom!

i had an amphibian friend (who had unintentionally gotten a little sudsy) hanging out near the drain. this little frog (or perhaps toad, i’m honestly not sure which) was too cute to evict from the bathroom, so i gave him the  name “scrubby” and we let him live there as long as he pleased. he made bath-time fun (“where are you, scrubby?”) and he somehow managed to not get squished. i brought him out of the bathroom occasionally to snack on a line of ants marching across our bedroom. he has since moved on (read: escaped) and we haven’t successfully replaced him.

this kind of frog (or toad) is quite plentiful around here, especially in our kitchen – they really like to swim underneath our dish-drying rack. a few days ago, we invited our friends’ 8 year-old son to participate in a game we play almost every day, called “find the frogs in the kitchen and toss them over our back wall into the field behind
our house.” he happily played along and we tossed two of them (he insists they are toads) up and over the barbed wire (this is important!) and into their new home.
we figure it will give the frogs (or toads) a good story to tell their kids someday.

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